High Five French (Schools Edition)

French for children: learn with Emma and Mathilde.

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Introduce your pupils to the French language: join learner Emma and native French speaker Mathilde in this innovative video and audio resource created especially for younger learners.

About the course

High Five French is a course aimed at younger learners of French. It features lively and enjoyable video and audio materials, activity sheets and challenges to encourage children to develop their confidence in speaking and understanding French. Through the short video lessons and audio podcasts, your pupils will be introduced to the French language and build their comprehension gradually through the carefully designed course.

What's involved

The course features forty lessons covering a range of common topics and language structures such as greetings, names, numbers, birthdays, days of the week, family, directions, clothes, likes and dislikes, sports, food and much more. Your pupils will learn to use French words and phrases by following Emma and Mathilde in the lessons.

Each lesson contains:

Video episode

The video episodes are the main focus of each lesson. In the videos, Emma and Mathilde present the language, encouraging your pupils to try to repeat the words and phrases. The video episodes are around just four or five minutes long, so your pupils can watch them over and over again, consolidating the language all the time.

The Radio Show

In addition to the video episode, we’ve also included an audio podcast which gives your pupils the chance to practise the words and phrases covered in the video lessons further. The Radio Show also features a musical review and bonus words and phrases.

Activity Sheets

The Activity Sheets provide written exercises in the form of puzzles, games and matching activities. The sheets have been designed in line with the rest of the series and are colourful and enjoyable to complete.

Notes for teachers

Each lesson comes with notes for teachers which include detailed explanations of all the words and phrases featured in the lessons, close-up notes on the patterns and any grammar points included, and everything you need to help your pupils learn the language.

Try it for yourself!

You'll notice that in the curriculum below you can preview all the elements of lesson one, so you can try the course with your class!

Your Instructor

RLN Education
RLN Education

The RLN Education team is made up of experienced language teachers who work in conjunction with native speakers to bring you quality resources for your classroom.

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